Dr. Zulia Frost

Head of Clinical Affairs at Recharge Health

Zulia is a leading clinician renowned world-wide for her use and research of neuromodulation, bio-resonance and photobiomodulation therapies. A Doctor of General Medicine and Paediatrics with post-graduate training in ultrasonic diagnostics and radiology, Zulia is also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture. 

Zulia’s passion for new innovative therapeutic technologies brought her to study photo- biomodulation therapy at Weber Institute, Germany, where she learnt new advanced applications of cold (low) intensity lasers using laser needles to provide non-invasive ‘acupuncture’. Zulia has accumulated 30 years of experience and has helped thousands of patients, making her personal contribution promoting healthy lifestyle and well-being. Broad training and understanding East and West therapeutic approaches combined with many years of experience makes Dr Frost’s treatment unique and effective. She runs an exclusive clinic in England, treating patients and training therapists.

A world expert and recognized CPD trainer in Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation and Photobiomodulation, Dr Frost runs a training center for therapists to adopt and use these bio-physical modalities world-wide. 

Dr Frost was involved in the facilitation of clinical and scientific research, liaising with universities, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and sports establishments world-wide. She is an author of published peer-reviewed papers.