Jeffrey Gladden, MD FACC

Founder & Chief Science Officer of Gladden Longevity

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, chronologically 70 Feb 28th 2024, has a mosaic of biological ages ranging as low as his mid-20s, with the majority in his 30s and 40s. Some would call it a miracle, but he calls it Playing the Symphony of Longevity to Live Young for a Lifetime. The Symphony is composed of a truly exponential plan for the exponential problem of aging. We don’t age in a linear way. Aging accelerates exponentially, and virtually all plans that simply focus on eating better, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, hormone replacement, and supplements are a linear strategy to an exponential problem. From a young age, Jeff saw what aging did to those he loved. At a crucial moment in his life, he can still hear his grandmother telling him, “Jeff, don’t ever get old … it’s hell to get old.” Her words were more than a warning, it was a plea for him not to grow old the same way she had.

As a true trailblazer in Life Energy, Longevity, Health, and Human Performance Optimization Science, Dr. Gladden’s groundbreaking work applies the best science, deepest insights, and the greatest technologies to unlock the secrets to longevity at his clinic, Gladden Longevity.

Being a leading cardiologist for over 25 years, Dr. Gladden regularly brought the latest cutting-edge technologies to his patients. During that time, he co-founded the Heart Hospital Baylor Scott & White, was the founder and CEO of a cardiology group with 10 offices and 12 doctors, and created cardiac catheterization labs, rapid response heart attack programs, heart arrhythmia programs, and congestive heart failure programs for outlying communities and hospitals. In addition, he became involved in several medical device startups and, as of this writing, sits on the board of two of them. He discovered that he could always get a better result for his patients by having a deeper understanding of them and the problems they faced enabling him to create precise solutions for them. He brings that same mindset to his work at Gladden Longevity.

In his early 50s, despite his successes, he started to feel exhausted, was putting on weight, had less energy, when stressed would go become anxious and go over a cliff of depressed, and was developing brain fog. He was struggling to do things that used to be easy.

When he went in for medical testing, he was told that “everything checks out ok for your age. You’re just getting older… why don’t we start you on an antidepressant.”

Jeff knew his doctors were not addressing the underlying issues, they were asking the wrong questions, so he went deeper, much deeper, to ask better ones. He extensively trained and got new certifications in functional and age management medicine. His hard work paid off, and after two and half years, he reversed all his symptoms and started feeling better than ever.

He then began to wonder, “How good can I be? How fit, how strong, mentally sharp, how spiritually aligned, how relationally replete and for how many years and decades can I carry this forward.” This empowering question led him to leave the sick care world and focus all his energies on longevity, health, performance, and life energy optimization.

“How good can you be?” became the genesis for Gladden Longevity, and he’s never looked back. Having a mindset of only being married to his questions, not his current answers, Dr. Gladden continues to make massive strides in the fields of longevity, health, human performance, and life energy. Gladden Longevity is running IRB-approved trials to safely bring the most cutting-edge technologies to his clients, and he wants to share them with you.

He released his highly anticipated book, “100 is the New 30: How Playing the Symphony of Longevity Will Enable Us to Live Young for a Lifetime” in September. The book was well-received and quickly became an Amazon bestseller. Dr. Gladden is not only a successful author but also a highly sought-after speaker, providing inspiration around the world through his presentations on the science of longevity.

Dr. Gladden is confident that we can function like a 30-year-old when we are 100. His work and research now include three additional questions:

How Do We Make 100 The New 30?

How Do We Live Well Beyond 120?

How Do We Live Young for a Lifetime?

Today, as the founder of Gladden Longevity, he and his longevity staff create cutting-edge, exponentially impactful, individualized health rejuvenation, performance longevity, and life energy plans. Each plan is customized to the client, helping them navigate and resolve their issues and teaching them how to play their personal symphony of longevity to maximize their vitality, quality of life, and impact.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys his athleticism, artistic, and spiritual sides. He has a super active life: surfing, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, playing the guitar, spiritual growth and enlightenment, and spending time with his loved ones. His goal is to follow his trajectory for greatness and make his greatest impact on the planet by having the transcendence and wisdom of a 300-year-old mind in a 30-year-old body. His grandmother is smiling, he’s not growing old, he is growing stronger, mentally sharper, more athletically capable, and spiritually wiser while loving every moment of the journey.