Founder of Energy4Life

Harry Massey is a well-known bioenergetic expert, speaker, and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the field of bioenergetics—the study of energy in living systems—to help people worldwide restore their energy, health, and vitality for life.

After suffering from severe chronic fatigue syndrome that left him bedridden and suffering for almost 10 years, Harry stumbled onto bioenergetics and began researching, exploring, and developing bioenergetic treatments that eventually led him to fully regain his energy and life.

As a serial entrepreneur, Harry is the founder of NES HealthXPO Health, and Energy4Life—all companies dedicated to researching and developing advanced bioenergetic technologies and solutions that are transforming patient health and wellness in remarkable ways. 

Harry’s companies have developed a comprehensive, AI- and physics-based, clinical health system that help people detect, correct, and protect their energy, while stimulating their innate self-healing and self-repair systems. 

His ground-breaking products and devices that help detect, correct, and protect a person’s energy include the award-winning miHealth device, light beds, hydrogen baths, infoceuticals, the BioenergetiX WellNES System, Voice Scan Technology, Personalized Meditations, The GIST Course and GIST Journal, and the soon-to-be released wearable device, The GEM.

Harry is also a successful author, and he has written, directed, and produced several documentaries including the award-winning film, “The Living Matrix.” His deep commitment to bringing the power of bioenergetic health and wellness to people worldwide also led Harry to found the Institute of Bioenergetics.